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In the far future, interstellar travel has become very popular. Players are travelers from distant planets. They meet other players during the journey and decide to develop the galaxy together…


The galaxy project uses a multi-world technology to give each player or each group an independent development space. Although the area that can be explored is limited, it also solves the problem of resource grabbing. Besides, we are also developing a series of new features, new blocks, new tools, weapons, gameplay, and look forward to color game experience in the future.


There is no rule on this server.


  1. Please enable the server resource pack! (If your network situation is special, which causes the resource pack download speed to be slow or unable to download the resource pack, you can go to our GitHub page to download)
  2. The Galaxy Project is currently under development. Some functions are not yet complete and unstable. If you encounter any problems, please contact us.

Get Started

Go to MultiPlayer, add a server, and fill in IP:
After joining the game, checkout “Quick Start” to start.