2018/8/1 Nether Update


Opens the Nether

This is the biggest changes since our ‘OKTW Project Galaxy’ server started. Improved functions of Planet Terminal and open the nether.

Changes In Game

Planets and the Nether

First, the biggest changes is that you can now allowed to create nether. While creating planet in galaxy management, choose Hot Planet to create a nether world. Each type of first planet requires 1000 Star Dust, and you will be able to create more planet in the future.The first Normal Planet in the galaxy doesn’t require Star Dust.

Chunk Loader

Player who plays mods may know this thing. Just keep chunks which ChunkLoader in loading forever.

Minecraft World is computed per chunk. Generally speaking, only the range of 10 chunks around the player will be loaded. Only chunks nearby player will be updated. If the player keeps away that chunk, the server will save the blocks and entities data into disk and delete from RAM, it won’t be loaded back to RAM until the player is nearby. Only loaded chunk will be updated. Mobs will move and crops will grow only when the player is nearby.

If you wish to keep the chunk loaded even if the player is not nearby, you can use ChunkLoader. Currently, range of the ChunkLoader is only 1 Chunk. You will be able to extend range by applying upgrade in the future.



The green arrow on the left is upgrade, and the cross on the right is remove.

Upgrading Interface

It can be upgraded currently, we will add it in the future update.


Put the Ender Crystal onto the obsidian, the range is currently 1 Chunk.