The teleporter is a multi-point teleportation structure, used to teleport any entities.

  1. Obtain Ways
  2. Components
  3. Structure
  4. Interface
  5. Usage

Obtain Ways

Can be removed by pressing Shift+Right Click using Wrench.

HT Crafting Table


Advanced Teleporter

Teleporter Frame
  • Iron Ignot x 6
  • Gold Ignot x 4
  • Glass x 1
  • Star Dust x 5



Teleporter structure core.
Can teleport to other teleporter in this planet.

Advanced Teleporter

Advanced version of teleporter structure core.
Can teleport to other teleporter in this galaxy.

Teleporter Frame

To expand the teleporter area.


At least one core is required for a teleportation structure:

You can also connect some teleporter frames to expand the structure:

In addition, the placement of the teleporter frame is not limited to a flat platform:

Please note that each core is able to connect at most 64 teleporter frame!


Right Click the core or sneak while standing on the core to open the interface.

The name of this teleporter will show the title of interface, on the button is a list of teleporter that you can teleport to.
You can figure out which type of planet is the destination by its icon:


Open the interface, click on the teleporter you want to teleport to, and wait for the countdown to teleport:

Please note that entities to be teleported must stand on the teleporter structure.



Besides, entities to be teleported must stand on the structure during the whole teleportation process, if entities to be teleported leave the structure, its teleport qualifications will be cancelled.

Finally, to identify every teleporter easily, you can name it using a name tag.