Galaxy 2.0 - Open Beta Started


Galaxy 2.0 open beta started, welcome to try it out.

Due to most of functions from 1.12 has not port to 1.14, you can see it as vanilla server with multiple world, there will be more function in the future.
The concept of multiple worlds is still used, but no world border, and the nether and the end are opened.

The goal of this open beta is to test the load and stability of the server cluster. Players are welcome to play in the most brutal way!

Connection Information

Server IP Address:
Minecraft Version: 1.14.4


  1. This test is file-deleting-open-beta, all data will be destroyed after the open beta.
  2. Because this structure is experimental, service interruption or data loss may occur during the open beta.
  3. During the open beta, if there is any loss in the game, it will not be compensated.
  4. If you encounter any problems during the test, please be sure to notify us.

Let’s Start!

After entering the lobby, enter /join [player] first. (After entering the command, it may take some time to process, please wait patiently)

Enter /join [player] will join [player]’s world. if you don’t enter [player] then you will join your own world. if [player]’s world does not exist, system will create it for you.
Ex: /join or/join steve

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